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Investing in Technology Companies

Through his company IXchange B.V., Ivo van Ling has investad in technology companies across different industries, including datacom, telecom and new media.



Octo-Wireless manufactures and sells wireless networking equipment with a solutions-oriented approach driven by the desire to exceed the expectations of its customers in the utilities and telecom markets.




Gatix set out with a mission to design, build and market next-generation high performance gateway platforms for the mobile WiMAX (portable and mobile) and LTE markets.

RFI Engineering is a leading manufacturer of smart data router solutions and remote management accessories for operators, utility companies, equipment makers and government entities. The company was founded by a group of technology entrepreneurs, recognizing the vast and growing potential of programmable intelligent data solutions for the M2M market.

TeleXess is implementing a range of new services intended to be used by mobile devices such as Mobile Internet Devices (MID) for mobile data, mobile advertising, video and messaging services. The target group for TeleXess is the "Next Generation" with an age between 16 and 36 who are familiar with a wireless broadband Internet connection and are often early adopters and users of new wireless technologies.


For many in the world, a high-speed Internet connection is becoming a way of live. Personal communication or wireless mobility enables people to enjoy the same user experience they have at home or in the office wherever they go. Users value the freedom, always-on, ease-of-use and power of mobile communications it brings.

The mission of JAZZ, a brand of Hotspot Services, is to become the Nr. 1 wireless community partner in the Benelux with advanced connectivity supporting a multitude of mobile broadband services.


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