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Ivo van Ling Biography (1967-)

  Entrepreneur, Innovator and Telecom Professional. Born in 1967, in Enschede, the Netherlands. Van Ling began to show an interest telecommunications at the age of 10 when he built his first radio transmitters. He pursued his passion through college when he set up a cable television network entirely run by students.

  He currently acts as Lead Architect for KPN and is responsible for the enterprise architecture of the Operational Support Systems, Assurance & Workforce Management Systems, Resource Management Systems as well as Enterprise Application Integration of the fixed network.

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In the summer of 2003, Ivo van Ling, teamed up with the former Managing Director of Global Crossing and long time colleague and friend, Frank Koopman. Guided by the belief that wireless technology would be the solution for real-time integrated mobility they founded Hopling Holding. Inspired by the efforts of the fiber optic companies to provide connectivity to solve the "last mile" problem by means of wireless technology and the ever increasing need for always-on connectivity, Ivo van Ling came up with an innovative way to bridge the "last mile" using standard wireless technology. Creating a protocol called "multi-hop routing" (now generally known as "mesh routing") wireless mesh nodes are connected together to form a seamless wireless mesh network (WMN) spanning multiple kilometers covering complete cities.

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Ivo is founder and and served as Chief Technology Officer of Hopling Technologies (in 2008 renamed to Hopling Networks). Hopling Technologies was created late 2003 under the leadership of two international-oriented founding members, all with a long and prestigious history in the industry. The company has since grown to become the leading industry provider of wireless mesh network solutions.

  In his role as Chief Technology Officer of the company, Ivo was the champion for innovation across Hopling Technologies and was responsible for setting the global development course for Hopling Technologies. Ivo led the research & development teams and is the inventor of the company's innovative multi-hop mesh routing concept. Ivo had overall responsibility for all product architecture and new feature introductions.

  Prior to Hopling Technologies Ivo was responsible as business development director at Spatial Wireless to create an European market by building customers relations and closing business contracts.

  July 2000, he took on an assignment at Global Crossing as city network director for the metro network build in the Benelux. In that role, Ivo was responsible for the metro network strategy in Amsterdam and the subsequent deployment of this metro network. The strategy was quickly adapted to other cities in the Benelux, such as Almere, Antwerp, Brussels, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. When the metro networks neared completion the scope of the role as city director was changed from implementation oriented to business oriented.

  He previously served as Exi’s European operations manager for the implementation, commissioning and engineering for telecom systems, providing telecom solutions to major telecommunications equipment providers and operators, including BT, Ericsson, Lucent, Alcatel and Esprit. He initially managed about 80 engineers, but this was set to grow to about 140 people during the first half of 2000.

  Before joining Exi, Ivo was a project manager for both the "Personal Number" and the "Unified Messaging" project for Dutchtone (Orange), one of the mobile operators in the Netherlands. Both projects enhanced the existing Orange service offerings to Orange customers. Ivo also implemented and rolled-out a voicemail project, in which a Unisys voicemail platform was put into service. As senior project manager, Ivo was actively participating in building Orange's technical department and succeeding to set standards in the field of project management, operational procedures and workflow processes.

  Since October 1995 Ivo has worked for the research and development department of Ericsson as a designer. From August 1997 Ivo was the project manager of a project called ‘Generic Network Solutions’. In this project, 20 products of Ericsson (AXE, IN-services and management software) were integrated and tested to form one package, the Generic Network Solution.


Since his youth, the infinite possibilities of micro electronics and telecommunications have always inspired and challenged Ivo van Ling. That fascination has manifested itself into a number of initiatives.



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