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Get to know Ivo van Ling
Ivo van Ling Biography (1967-)

  Entrepreneur, Innovator and Telecom Professional. Born in 1967, in Enschede, the Netherlands. Van Ling began to show an interest telecommunications at the age of 10 when he built his first radio transmitters. He pursued his passion through college when he set up a cable television network entirely run by students.

  He currently acts as Lead Architect for KPN. Responsible for the enterprise architecture of the Operational Support Systems, Assurance & Workforce Management Systems, Resource Management Systems as well as Enterprise Application Integration of the fixed network.

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  Acted as Chief Architect for Gatix and was in charge of the development of the platform architecture of Gatix LTE and Mobile WiMAX gateway solutions.

  Ivo van Ling served as Chief Technology Officer for both Hopling Technologies and Hopling Networks (article) from September 2003 till August 2009.

  Prior to his work for Hopling Ivo van Ling was responsible as business development director at Spatial Wireless to create an European market by building customers relations and closing business contracts.

  In July 2000, he took on an assignment at Global Crossing (Wikipedia) as city network director for the metro network build in the Benelux.

  He previously served as Exiís European operations manager for the implementation, commissioning and engineering for telecom systems.

  He worked as project manager for Dutchtone (Orange) from 1998 till 1999

  Since October 1995 Ivo has worked for the research and development department of Ericsson as a designer and later as project manager.

  In the early 1990s, Ivo van Ling met HenriŽt Dijkhuizen at the University of Twente where Dijkhuizen was a student. They married on September 8, 1994, and currently live in Almere, the Netherlands with their two children.

  Through his company IXchange B.V., Ivo van Ling has invested in technology companies across different industries, including datacom, telecom and new media.

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Since his youth, the infinite possibilities of micro electronics and telecommunications have always inspired and challenged Ivo van Ling. That fascination has manifested itself into a number of initiatives.



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