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With a passion for innovation, software and hardware design Ivo van Ling oversees the research and development of new technologies that let people communicate.
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01 July 2011;
Just experienced a hardware failure of the server that is hosting this website. The site is back up on a new server, but the database for the LinkedIn Recommendation Generator still needs restoring.

13 July 2010;
Do you find it difficult to write LinkedIn recommendations for others? Why not try my automated LinkedIn Recommendation Generator?

16 February 2010;
Gatix unveils the GTX-102 Compact ASN Gateway Server. See here.

10 February 2010;
Some more documentation is available on how to configure your Mobile WiMAX gear to work with the GTX-102 ASN Gateway from Gatix.

1 February 2010;
Another milestone..., we shipped the first commercial ASN Gateway from Gatix to an operator. See the details of this product here.

19 January 2010;
Bringing the RF Link Budget Calculator online sparked more questions about RF propagation, RF radio's in general and the working of this tool in particular. To answer most questions I have written a document that explains the inner workings of the tool. Download it here.

4 January 2010;
Every now and then people seek my advice on buying wireless equipment. One of the recurring questions is how long a wireless link can be between buildings. Often given a certain frequency and using antennas of brand X, Y or Z, with radio type 1,2 or 3?
Since I generally ended up doing calculations for RF link budgets I have written an online RF calculator that can be used to calculate the distance between two points. You can find it here.

29 October 2009;
Octo-Wireless becomes a member of the Wireless Communications Association International (WCAI) 3.65GHz Working Group.

3 May 2007;
Hopling Technologies Announces Point-to-Point Wireless Backhaul Solution Ready for WiMAX Networks. The new Xnet Raptor product-line addresses a wide range of data, voice, video and redundancy applications that can deliver significant time and cost savings for amongst others: enterprises, government agencies, the public sector, universities, public safety, campuses, municipalities and wireline and wireless ISPs.

7 February 2007;
Smart Cities Forum. This forum is organized as part of the Smart Cities initiative, which aims to transform Saudi Arabia’s major cities to smart cities. WiFi-Mesh and WiMax technologies, have gained great momentum by cities around the world as quick and effective technologies for enabling municipal networks.

17 January 2007;
Original Design Manufacturers Are First to Utilize Innovative and Open Support Packages; Case Study of Hopling Technologies' Unique Mesh Architecture Now Available

24 June 2006;
Meet me at the  Wireless Broadband Access Forum on 26th & 27th June, 2006 in London.

6 June 2006;
New www.vanling.net website launched.

27 April 2006;
Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) and five customer partners had a showcase of the Fujitsu fixed WiMAX SoC and their systems with a variety of applications at the Broadband Wireless World 2006, April 27 to 28, in Las Vegas. As one of the partners using the WiMAX SOC I had the opportunity to present the timeline for Hopling Technologies' WiMAX development.
26 April 2006;
I had a meeting with Loring Wirbel, the editorial director of the Communications Initiative at CMP Media LLC and EETimes about WiMAX and the upcoming 802.16e (2005) mobile standard. Some of my comments made it into his article published in the EEtimes on May 8, 2006.

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